A Simple Analysis Of Handy Plans For Womens Lingerie

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"I feel so sad that society is so negative and disgusted that a mother would be feeding her child the way nature intended in public, than actually congratulating her for doing a great thing. "It's ok though for women to be up on billboards everywhere flashing every body part possible! The hypocrisy is astonishing!" 'Should be visible' Image copyright PA/Ivette Ivens Image caption Tamara Ecclestone sparked a debate online with this photo Rebecca Alexander, 34, from Liverpool, still breastfeeds her son who will be three in April. She says she loves Tamara Ecclestone's "continued support and promotion of breastfeeding". She told the BBC: "I struggled feeding my elder daughter for more than three weeks first time around because of the lack of knowledge and support. Breastfeeding should be visible in our society. It's how we learn; the full details by seeing others do it. "I set out on this journey [with my son] thinking I would breastfeed till two years and then pump until four. "When he has had big changes such as starting nursery, with a new childminder and me returning to work, breastfeeding has been his source of comfort and a way to reconnect after being apart all day. "How anyone can see it as sexual completely shocks me, and I think it says more about our society, and the view of women than anything else." 'Pressure to stop' Sarah Johnson, who breastfeeds her two-year-old son twice a day, says: "I think it is a benefit for his health and also a nice bonding moment for us both, especially as I work away part of the week. "I have decided to continue until he is ready to stop, but I am coming under pressure from family members to stop - grandparents - who say he is 'no longer a baby'.